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Product Description


The Brexit Means Brexit is a modern overdrive with a fuzzy flavour at high gain settings.

At it's heart the pedal is based around thee classic rodent circuit. Changes have been made for better clarity and a thick mid range tone. A lot of time has been spent dialling in the tone to something we just can't stop playing come finally testing time! 

Controls:Racism (Volume): Controls the over all level of the pedal

Recession (Tone): Takes you from bass heavy all the way to cutting treble.

Farage (Gain): Goes from a nice classic crunch all the way a nice thick over saturated fuzz. 

All TATE FX pedals are handmade in the UK using top quality components. From 1% metal film resistor to high quality germ and Japanese made capacitors, TATE FX pedals offer build quality and sound way above their price point. This pedal does not take batterys just a Boss style 2.1mm DC jack.




Product Videos

Tate FX - Brexit Means Brexit Overdrive 03:01

Check Out Dipswitch Demos Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQTsd2W98j5qPZKXLYd6oVA Check out the Brexit it in the web-store here: http://tatefx.co.uk/Brexit The Brexit is a super hot-rodded Rat type distortion using the OP07 IC. It goes from a nice, light gain crunch all the way to borderline fuzz overload. The ‘Farage’ knob distorts (the truth) the more you increase it and the ‘Recession’ knob helps you cut through the mix. All TATE FX pedals are handmade in the UK.

  • Tate FX - Brex...
    Check Out Dipswitch Demos Here: https://www.youtube.com/channe...

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