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One look at the Roger Mayer Vision Wah will tell you that this wah is not like any other product that is on the market. We have started with a clean sheet of paper and addressed each of the shortcomings that previous designs have.

It is truly a revolutionary design right from its looks to the many technical and ergonomic innovations it brings to the player. I have a long history of successfully creating wah electronics that have produced some of the most notable wah sounds ever recorded. This past history and heritage has been the inspiration to produce a state of the art design incorporating the latest cutting edge technology and materials to set a new benchmark. The Vision has the capability of producing all of the old wah sweeps plus a great deal of new sounds and sweeps that have never been heard before. The use of F1 Carbon Fibre composite materials in the pedal top plate and advanced instrumentation techniques have resulted in a pedal that is unsurpassed in its flexibility and ease of use. People can look back and have a retro outlook but I can assure you that the future in wah pedals will not come from a 40-year-old design.


  • The most obvious feature is that the Vision has a significantly lower profile to the ground. The angular pedal travel range is maintained but ends in a slightly downward position.
  • This departure from the norm results in a much more relaxed and balanced operating posture and also allows the player to step off the pedal in a forwards motion whilst simultaneously operating the bypass switch all in one natural motion.
  • The ease of use is further enhanced by having a perfectly balanced top plate constructed from F1 Carbon Fibre composite that remains in position without the use of heavy friction.
  • The Vision has a silky smooth pedal feel, which can be easily adjusted by the vari-friction bearing inside the unit.
  • This adjustment allows the player to perfectly set the individual friction feel and sensitivity.
  • The bypass switch action is accomplished by the compression of the specially designed rubber end stop, which progressively compresses to give a natural feel.
  • The feel of the bypass switch or pressure required can be adjusted electronically by a preset accessed through a hole in the bottom plate and the pedal status is indicated by a LED on the left hand side pod.
  • The connecting leads plug into the side pods and are given protection from foot damage as they are swept back and out of harms way. They do not protrude from the side and likely to be snapped off.
  • The two controls are similarly protected from damage by their position in the front of the pods and the casting also protects the switch cluster.

16 different wah sweeps: are available through the various switch combinations.

Wah Blend The guitar can be blended or mixed with the wah sound using this control. This ability to blend the guitar back into the wah sound allows the Vision to not only act as a normal wah but also as a variable Q sweep equaliser

Output Level This controls and sets the level required of the wah sound. There is a small amount of overall boost available if required.

True Hard Wire Bypass or Buffered These can be selected by a jumper on the PC Card. The hard wire bypass is accomplished using reed relays and the buffered out offers a very useful alternative for devices that like to see a low input impedance and is controlled by the variable e;ectronic pressure switch.

Wah SweepThis is controlled from a non-contact electronic position sensor and eliminates any potentiometer noise and you can say goodbye to replacing the wah pot as this is the most troublesome problem with standard wah pedals.

Vari-friction Nylon Bearing adjusts the pedal feel. The fully balanced pedal plate enables pedal position to be held at any friction setting .The ultra smooth silky action and improved ergonomic position of the pedal results in less player fatigue and increased sensitivity whilst inspiring confidence through a more accurate and transparent control link from foot to brain.

Power Requirements are from an internal single 9-Volt battery or from an external AC adapter. extensive internal filtering ensures that the very low output noise is not compromised by the use of non-regulated adapter types.

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