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SOLD - Gibson Limited Edition Dark Fire Les Paul

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Product Description

The Dark Fire Les Paul has some incredible innovations!

Limited Edition # DF 0572

This guitar is in good condition.  It has a small ding in the top and a tiny bit of chipping on the binding. Also has a little wear on bridge pickup edge as shown in pic. It includes the incredible white hard case, all the paper work, power supply, interface, and all cables.  This one is sure to be a collectors item!

Self-tuning, with a Spectrum of Smoldering Tones!
Gibson's Dark Fire LTD features scorching-hot enhancements to the already mind-blowing Gibson Robot Guitar. This second-generation beast provides new Chameleon Tone Technology - preparing you for both the analog and the digital realm - with an incredible, redesigned Dark Fire Master Control Knob. You can now quickly navigate between tuning/tonal combinations never thought possible. All timeless Les Paul in styling - but with a world of modern enhancements - get your hands on this self-tuning wonder, and let the Gibson Dark Fire LTD guitar heat up your tone!

Gibson Dark Fire LTD Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Tone meets innovation - a second-generation Robot
  • Chameleon Tone Technology - Piezo, Burstbucker 3, P-90H
  • Classic Les Paul form, with brand new touches
  • Faster, lighter, smaller Powerhead Tuners - and even more battery time
  • Redesigned Master Control Knob, for even more control
  • Robot Interface Pack plus Guitar Rig 3 Software
  • Charge as you play and easily upgrade your software
  • Designed with tomorrow's technology in mind
  • Tone meets innovation - a second-generation Robot
  • Gibson's original Robot Guitar was groundbreaking in its own right - and now they've taken that technology to the next level. The Gibson Dark Fire LTD represents an incredible marriage of new Chameleon Tone Technology and second-generation Robot Guitar technology, empowering it to provide a spectrum of smoldering tones. From analog to digital, the Gibson Dark Fire LTD is an electric guitar for the 21st century.

Chameleon Tone Technology - Piezo, Burstbucker 3, P-90H
Featuring two of Gibson's renowned pickups - one with a brand new design - the Dark Fire LTD is built to bring you the ultimate in tone. In bridge position is a Burstbucker 3, boasting historically accurate PAF sound with two slightly overwound coils - you can expect a really raw, airy tone that's poised to cut through the mix. And in neck position, you've got the new P-90H black soapbar pickup, which is designed to deliver all of that famous P-90 single-coil tone - high output, sweet treble response - just without the infamous 60-cycle hum. What's more, you can even summon acoustic tone from the Dark Fire LTD, thanks to its piezo bridge pickup. Controls let you blend from zero acoustic sound (100 percent traditional pickups) to 100 percent acoustic sound (no traditional pickups). Plus, all three of the Dark Fire LTD's pickups are wired in such a way that you can use each individual coil in a switching matrix, giving you over 20 separate tonal combinations to explore.

Classic Les Paul form, with brand new touches
The Gibson Dark Fire LTD encompasses all the timeless beauty of a Les Paul - but it's fortified with brand new enhancements. Most noticeably, all the Gibson Dark Fire LTD LTD Edition First Run guitars sport a dramatic Dark Fire LTD nitrocellulose finish. Other stunning visual touches include the traditional flowerpot headstock inlay - an art nouveau inlay, first used in 1911 - and classic block inlays with a unique, carbon-fiber look. Within, the Dark Fire LTD features a chambered mahogany body, for a superb combination of tone, balance, and weight - not to mention increased sustain and resonance. And to top it all off, each Gibson Dark Fire LTD receives a revolutionary PLEK Pro setup - regarded as the most precise guitar setup technology in the industry - for a truly incredible, visceral playing experience.

Faster, lighter, smaller Powerhead Tuners - and even more battery time
The mind-blowing self-tuning technology is still a huge part of the Gibson Dark Fire LTD - only it's been much improved. To start, the Powerhead tuners are significantly smaller and lighter - more along the lines of conventional tuners. But maybe more importantly, they're much faster - you can now access any preset tuning in less than a second, making it possible to change tunings right in the middle of a song. You can also now operate the tuners both electronically as well as individually by hand. And to top it off, the Gibson Dark Fire LTD features an enhanced battery system and power circuit, giving you nearly 500 tunings from a single charge - plus the ability to charge as you play.

Redesigned Master Control Knob, for even more control
The Gibson Dark Fire LTD's brain is its Master Control Knob - and it's even more powerful than before. Not only has it been redesigned with improved ergonomics and special LED and light pipe technology, so it's easier to see and operate in any lighting condition - but it now controls the ability to change pickups and coils. In fact, you can adjust tone and tunings automatically and simultaneously - even several times during the same song.

Robot Interface Pack plus Guitar Rig 3 Software
As you rip and shred in the analog world, Gibson's Robot Interface Pack lets you RIP in the digital domain. Suitable for live performance - or studio use - the RIP provides a 1/4-inch stereo input for the Dark Fire LTD, and 1/8-inch headphone output, two balanced 1/4-inch line outs, a FireWire connector, and an individual piezo/composite piezo hex output. An optional adapter makes it possible for you to connect the hex output to popular MIDI guitar interfaces - or you can divide out the six individual piezo signals to their own balanced 1/4-inch connectors. The RIP can serve as your hub to the recording world or can let you take an entirely different world of sounds to the stage - that's because the Dark Fire LTD includes a Gibson-modified copy of Guitar Rig 3 modeling software, giving you a versatile selection of effects boxes, amplifier and speaker emulations, and complete rigs packed with most desired guitar tones in history.

Charge as you play and easily upgrade your software
The RIP is your critical connection point. It's power supply will power the RIP itself and even recharge the Dark Fire LTD's battery when required. Plus, rather than waiting for your axe to charge up, the new Dark Fire LTD lets you charge as you play. What's more, you can use the RIP to download firmware updates and upgraded functions and software features, as they become available from Gibson.

Designed with tomorrow's technology in mind
Gibson is committed to keeping today's Robots easily upgradable to tomorrow's technology. That's why the Dark Fire LTD features easily removable electronics, so you can upgrade to a future generation of Robot technology - or just change your pickups out of personal preference.

Gibson Dark Fire LTD Electric Guitar Features:

  • Finish: LTD Edition Dark Fire
  • Les Paul Body Shape
  • Traditional "flowerpot" headstock inlay
  • Acrylic, carbon-fiber-look block inlays
  • Fretboard inlays inserted with new gapless, filler-less method
  • Satin finish back and neck
  • Gloss finish top and peghead face
  • Body is bound with dual black binding
  • Chambered mahogany body
  • Teflon-based frictionless nut
  • Truss rod cover made from anodized aluminum
  • Black top hat volume and tone knobs with chrome inserts
  • Fast and comfortable asymmetrical neck profile design
  • Gibson's PerfectSetup (PLEK)
  • Carbon fiber-like pickup covers
  • Improved locking tuners
  • Bridge that locks to the studs
  • Neck pickup - P90h - This new pickup offers all of the soulful, classic tone of Gibson's legendary P-90 singlecoil pickup, but with none of the 60-cycle hum.
  • Bridge pickup - Burstbucker 3
  • Gibson-designed piezo bridge pickup that actually consists of six individual piezo pickups - one for each saddle/string - with studio-quality active amplifier
  • Rotary potentiometer which is part of the pickup selector toggle switch controls the blend of the Piezo bridge pickup from full acoustic to full electric
  • 20 separate combinations of pickup tone
  • Improved battery system and power circuit
  • Nearly 500 tunings from a single charge
  • Now playable while the battery system is being charged
  • Fast, Easy removal of electronics for future upgrades or pickup changes
  • Robot Interface Pack
  • Gibson-modified version of Guitar Rig 3 included
  • Ableton Live Lite 7 Gibson Studio Edition
  • Route Guitar Rig effects to your live outputs, your recorded outputs, or both via the RIP
  • Downloadable firmware updates, upgraded functions and software features

RIP (Robot Interface Pack) Audio Interface:
Front Panel: (1) 1/4" TRS input for the Dark Fire, (1) 1/8" headphone out with level control
Rear Panel: (2) balanced 1/4" line outs, (1) FireWire connector to link to your PC or laptop, and (1) hex connector that carries the outputs of each string and a composite piezo output.
(1) 12-volt DC connector for the RIP's power supply, which both powers the RIP itself and recharges the Dark Fire's battery when required

The Gibson Dark Fire takes the already-groundbreaking Robot Guitar to the next level!

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