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Product Description


The Head Version featuring a 600 Watts build in power amplifier.The Head amp comes fully equipped with hundreds of studio grade amp profiles suitable for both Live and Studio artists. Dozens of high end professional stomp box emulations and effects. Lifetime free feature updates including new effects, additional content and other enhancements. Complimentary access to Rig Exchange, a cloud based service with over 5000 additional amp profiles.

Kemper Profiler Head
Power Cable
User Manual
36 months warranty
Dimensions: 37.8 cm (14.88 inches) x 21.7 cm (8.54 inches) x 17.3 cm (6.81 inches)
Power Amp: 600 Watts at 8 Ohm, 300 Watt at 16 Ohm
Weight: 6 kg (13.23 pounds)
Line voltage: 100-125 or 190-245V AC


Remote is the quintessential foot controller for your Profiler, featuring a large and bright display, four pedal inputs, and super-easy “double click” assignment for stomps and effects. Only a single cable is required, and all Performances and Rigs can be controlled without further setup. As if this wasn’t enough, it also enables a Looper on your Profiler.

- Large, illuminated display
- Housing is built like a tank.
- Five buttons allow you to directly access five different rigs within a performance
- Dedicated buttons to access the tuner, tap tempo and Looper
- Exclusive 32 seconds Looper effect
- 7m (22ft) cable included, cable can be up to 100m (328ft). One cable for power and data connection
- Up to four pedals can be connected to Remote
- Dimensions: 42cm (16.5in) x 18cm (7in) x 7,5cm (2.9in)
- Weight: 2.9kg (6.3lbs)

Kemper Profiler Remote
Connection cable
User Manual


The Kemper Profiler is the all-in-one solution for electric guitar and bass. It's a multi-effect-processor, preamp and optional poweramp. Due to its high connectivity it fits perfect to all purposes, no matter if you're playing live, at home or in the studio.

It ships with hundreds of the best amps in the world, profiled under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide.

Profiler allows you to capture the sonic DNA of any amp with the press of a single button - a unique technology, called Profiling, invented by Kemper.


The Profiler Head comes with classic curves. It makes a perfect silhouette on a 4x12 cabinet. Still, it's so light and compact that it can be taken onto a plane as hand-luggage. The footprint of the Head is tiny - designed to stand on the desk of your project studio, right beside your computer. The Profiler Head is available in black and white colour.


We offer a growing range of accessories, from custom-tailored transport solutions, to a dedicated and highly integrated foot controller called Profiler Remote.

At the RigExchange provides a free cloud-service for users to share their own creations, where thousands of additional rigs can be downloaded. Lastly, to keep on top of all this content, there is RigManager - a free librarian for Windows and Mac users.


The signal-chain comprises 8 effect modules in addition to the amplifier stack. Up to four effects can be placed "pre" the amp stack, and another four "post" the amp. The final modules of the effect chain are ideal for delay and reverb effects. Both delay and reverb offer "spillover", meaning the sonic tail is not cut off when you change to another Rig. Pretty much every effect offers optional "ducking", allowing you to control the effect intensity just by the dynamics of your playing.

All effects - even the whole signal flow - can be accessed by 13 dedicated buttons. Editing a Rig could not be easier! The effects are individually colour-coded by LEDs, allowing you to tell at a glance what type of effect is in use, simply by activating an effect slot. You can lock one or more effects to their slots by pressing the Lock button - any locked effects will stay exactly as they are when you change to another Rig.


The Profiler offers a selection of some the finest effects in the world. As a company, Kemper is also responsible for creating the Access Virus, one of the most successful synthesizers of all time - there can be little doubt that the Access Virus owes some of its success to the highly regarded inbuilt effects. Nearly 20 years of experience allows us to find the essence of both classic and new effects, and equip them with well-conceived parameter sets. We won't overwhelm you with dozens of ineffective controls per effect algorithm - everything has a clear, intuitive and musical purpose.

Along with the standard effects, you will find algorithms rarely seen in a guitar processor - these include the Frequency Shifter, the Formant Correction for our Pitch Shifter, an absolutely authentic Rotary Speaker, and even a Beat Scanner that allows you to control the musical delay time, and other effects, just by the rhythm of your your playing.



The Profiler has been designed with live performances in mind. Performance Mode provides dedicated memory with which to create and organize complete musical scenes that correspond to your repertoire. Any tweaks you make here will stay exclusive to the Performance. There is plenty of space, allowing you to store up to 125 songs with five musical scenes each. During a concert, you can simply step from song to song according to your set-list.


The Profiler Remote is the perfectly integrated solution to control the Kemper Profiler. It connects via a single cable, no additional power cable is required.

Traditional MIDI based foot controllers are also supported, and pretty much every parameter can be controlled.


Wouldn’t it be great to beam a couple of new tubes from the 50s straight into your amp? Or for a couple of new stomps to magically appear in your gig bag? In software, you can already do this and we make extended use of it. Providing Free feature additions via firmware updates is a proud tradition at Kemper. This way, your purchase becomes even more valuable over time.

The Desktop/Head amp comes fully equipped with hundreds of studio grade amp profiles suitable for both Live and Studio artists. Lifetime free feature updates including new effects, additional content and other enhancements.

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