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The Belladonna is a delay with a frequency modulated oscillator folding itself into the feedback path of a delay, giving drifting tremolo/modulation, rising/falling repeats, warped bell like harmonics, and more.

R -repeats/ feedback
T - delay time( when set to zero, R can controlhow much modulation/ how many harmonies get added to your signal!)
F- modulation oscillator center frequencyV- wet/dry mix
3xO- offsets: these 3 knobs work together to offset the amplitude, slope, and period of the frequency modulation/wavefolding.(Modulation speed can go anywhere from lfo tremolo type repeats, to rising/falling shepard tones, to ultrasonic bubbling.)
footswitch- bypass
-16 bit 44100hz-450ms delay-1/4 mono in/out-true bypass-2.1mm center negative 7-18v-conditional lifetime guarantee

Frayed Knot Electronics is run by Francois. He spent the past 9 years repairing/calibrating anything from car stereos to industrial/precision test equipment, eventually becoming production manager at a large repair/resale company, while at the same time repairing hundreds of amplifiers/effects/synths at his own workshop in the Providence RI, and surrounding areas music scene. He has been designing/building/modifying audio related circuits for as long as he can remember, but about 4 years ago he started pushing towards designing modular synthesizers and effects for his personal music/friends. With the interest of people that had seen/heard his gear growing, coupled with his fascination with audio electronics, and the support of family/friends/and local musicians, he left both his job and previous business behind about a year ago and started running Frayed Knot Electronics full time.

The pedals/synths made by Frayed Knot express the desire to create sounds and controls that inspire musicians, while gently disregarding the idea of what a pedal is expected to do, without lacking control, range, or practicality. Francois spent alot of time in front of his modular system(9v based, and extensive) trying new concepts in routing/control, or reading through anything audio electronics related(or even close), and trying to re-invent/merge his findings into new devices. Whether analog or dsp based, it will have some peculiarity/quirk that allows you to play with/hear something different than you expected. Francois wants to give you new sounds, and hear what you can do with them!

All pedals are designed, and hand-wired from scratch, tested extensively by Frank, and are covered by a lifetime conditional guarantee.

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