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Mag Slide



How MagSlide was Developed

MagSlide is a father and son collaboration between TJ Carter and his dad Tom, combining both of their passions for guitar, music and product development.

Growing up around the family's tradeshow display company, Expogo Displays & Graphics, TJ developed a love for product innovation and bringing new products to market and is now attending NC State's School on Industrial Design in Raleigh, NC.

One day while working on another injection molded product they were developing, Tom & TJ decided to try using a piece of 3/4" magnesium tube they had as a guitar slide. Testing it the first time they were intrigued by the warm tone it produced and decided to explore developing series of guitar slides made from magnesium.

After over a year in development and testing the result is the MagSlide, a contoured and tapered guitar slide with a stunning black chrome finish that is suprsingly lightweight with a rich warm tone and a remarkable amount of sustain.