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Jersey Girl Guitars


Founded in 1991 Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars (named for the Tom Waites song) is a small team of builders from Hokkaido, Japan.

Kaz Goto, Akiko Oda, and Eiko Goto build one of a kind compositions that are hand crafted like no other guitars available anywhere in the world! We have long said that these are the finest electric guitars you can buy!

In 2002 while looking for cool guitar pedals to bring into the shop, we found Jersey Girl!  At that time we didn't have the hundreds of great pedal makers that we do now and we were searching high and low for unique products to bring in. We started by bringing in some pedals and then could not resist the incredible guitars. Once we got the first one we realized how special these guitars and the people that make them are so we became their distributor and the rest is history :)

Time sure does fly and it's been almost 20 years working with Jersey Girl.  In that time we have brought them to several Namm shows as well as spent plenty of quality time just being friends. Their hearts and kindness are incomparable and we think that comes across in their instruments.  Every one is a one of a kind composition.  

Currently Jersey Girl is able to build only about 15 instruments a year so when they become available they sell very quickly! If you have questions about Jersey Girl please contact us for more info!