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Pedals, pedals, pedals… Everywhere you look its a sea of guitar pedals – new colorful and shiny stompboxes coming out literally every day! Boutique, unique, hand-crafted, limited edition, ultra-transparent, true bypass, must-have goodness! To tell you the truth – we’re not the ones to tell you if the yellow tremolo box on the left is objectively better than the pink one on the right, because there are no wrong answers in music – only different tastes.

And yet, throughout music history, there have been effects units that have completely changed the way people create music. We’re talking the Wah Wah, we’re talkin’ Big Muff, Echoplex, Talkbox, Whammy, BitCommander – these are all examples of effects units that give us as musicians and electronics engineers a real sense of excitement. 

Gamechanger | Audio was founded by four friends committed to exploring the uncharted territories of music electronics and creating devices that provide real value while stretching the imagination of both musicians and engineers.

Our journey began in November 2015 when we started working on our first product – the PLUS Pedal. We launched it at the Winter NAMM 2017. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, we were able to start manufacturing PLUS Pedals in August 2017, and it’s been nothing but pure joy to read the feedback from our happy customers all over the world.

Right after that we started the work on the PLASMA Pedal. After a lot of experimentation, we managed to combine Tesla coil with some High Voltage and a lot of Rock and Roll. The result is one of the worlds heaviest sounds with plenty of unique features and the potential to become the new standard of distortion. 

The feedback and musician’s reactions has been a great inspiration to us and there are many more Game-changing and head-scratching ideas in the making! We invite you to join our journey and we’re certain that together we will be able to leave a permanent mark on the fabric of music technology, and have a ton of fun on the way!