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Product Description

The ATX Dynamic Overdrive from Enormous Door adds harmonically rich saturation to your amp, without too much coloring of your original sound, making for a nice, warm, tube-like overdriven sounds. Plus, it boasts a nice control section, with a couple toggle switches to really open up the sonic possibilities it’s hiding inside.

Volume, Tone and Gain make up the usual control section of a good number of overdrive pedals. However, the fact that each section in the range of each control knob is labeled with a number is a genius move. Rather than having to mark your settings with a Sharpie or sticker, you just have to remember three simple numbers (well, that might be a challenge, but a fun one). Plenty of volume to work with here, as well as an excellent range of gain sounds, from slight boost to tasty lead tones. The Tone knob isn’t useless, either, and will boost both the lows and the highs, depending on how far you turn it in each direction, and what style/sound you’re looking for.

Two toggle switches make for some fun experimentation on the ATX Dynamic Overdrive as well. The first is a clipping toggle, which flip-flops between germanium and LED, for either more refined or more aggressive drive sounds. The second toggle is Hi-Cut / Low-Cut, which lets you flawlessly pair the ATX with virtually any amp. These two toggles, when mixed with the main control section, really open up the opportunities the ATX has to offer, and showcase the broad range of tones available to coax out of it.

Product Videos

Boss CE-3 Chorus Pedal | Reverb Demo Video 03:04

Made from 1982 to 1992, the Boss CE-3 is a workingman’s chorus effect that has historically been a favorite for easy to dial in sparkling tones. With only three knobs for RATE, DEPTH & STEREO MODE, the CE-3 offers studio quality chorus, without much tweaking. The settings are super simple on this classic pedal. Mode one is for a mono output and Mode two if you’re using stereo outputs. This predecessor to the Boss CE-2 has a distinctively different, slightly more metallic tone, compared to the other Boss Chorus pedals, and it might be the sound you’re looking to add to your board. Compare prices on CE-3 Chorus Pedals at: https://goo.gl/XkZm7V

  • Boss CE-3 Chor...
    Made from 1982 to 1992, the Boss CE-3 is a workingman’s chorus...
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