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DryBell Musical Electronic Laboratory


Back in 1996 Zvonko Suhodolcan (Zvonch) started to build amplifiers, guitar pedals and effects for himself, for his friends and for people who wanted small custom designs.
Zvonch says: “Since I was a boy, I have had a huge interest in mechanics and electrical engineering. When I started to play the guitar in high school, I immediately found a great joy in exploring the inner workings of guitar effects and amplifiers. I played the guitar in a rock n’ blues cover band, and got a degree in electrical engineering. One of my first jobs was working in an R&D department for a small company in Zagreb, there was all sorts of interesting work there, it was a great learning curve. After that I worked for 6 years in a very big company „KonĨar“, designing PCBs for trains, power plants, protection systems and more! This was an extremely important and often amusing stage in my life, it was here that I absorbed as much of my older colleague’s experience and knowledge as possible. I was then able to use all that knowledge and experience as a springboard to starting my own company, this is how DryBell began. DryBell now has a great team of people armed with a wealth of experience and a ton of enthusiasm. Many thanks go to my family and all those that have supported me over the years and still do, and of course, a massive thanks to all you DryBell customers!