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Black Volt

“When Pops died it was almost like I somehow mystically downloaded all of his passion for electronics.” - Gio Loria/Black Volt

“Mother of Invention... or something about necessity...”

Being an avid collector of all things audio and gear related, Gio grew tired of taking his needy gear to repair shops. Out of necessity and convenience, he began opening up his amps and effects to see what was under the hood. After years of repairing gear by feel, Gio eventually took his electronics skills to the next level and created Black Volt Amplification.

"I will never forget walking around the corner at Namm and seeing Black Volt amps for the first time! Possibly the most beautiful amps and pedals I've seen. When you pair the incredible look and vibe of these amps with with Gio's knowledge of amp circuitry you get some pretty amazing amplifiers" - Heath (Boston Guitar) 

The pedals listed here are all hand built and numbered