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Analog Man


Analog Man is one of the larger Guitar Effects dealers in the world, with customers from Australia to Japan to Europe. Even so, we are small and try to treat everyone like a rock star.

But Analog Man is not just a dealer - it is a BRAND- quite unique in that it may be the only enterprise which manufactures, modifies, buys, sells, and repairs vintage and new guitar effects. Specializing in vintage and high-end, you won't find cheap Taiwanese "happy meal toys" style effects here.

Analog Mike has been playing with guitar effects since he bought his Maestro Phaser (with SPEED and BALLS) new in the mid 70s to make his Farfisa organs and Hagstrom-II sound better. You will see the same white Hagstrom at the shop still being used to test modified pedals, Mike's first guitar.  Analog Man started as Analog Man Vintage guitar effects before the boutique pedal industry started.  So we learned all about the classic pedals, which ones sounded good, and why. Then when they were too hard to find, we started building them.