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Product Description

Color: Green Suede

The Big Bloom Overdrive is designed and built by Amplified Nation in a shop just outside of Boston, MA.

It’s a medium to high-gain overdrive pedal.

The Big Bloom captures the sounds and essence of Dumble amplifiers. At low gain levels, the pedal produces a very smooth and musical distortion, and at higher gain levels it will throw almost every note you play into controlled feedback. There is noticeable harmonics riding on top of the notes at all volume levels which give a very interesting sound. Some attributes that come to mind – honk, note flipping, smooth singing OD, bloom and lots of dynamic pic attack.

Product Videos

Amplified Nation Big Bloom Overdrive 05:25

http://amplifiednation.com/ This is the Big Bloom Overdrive from Amplified Nation, a pedal that has bottled the tonal lightning of the Dumble amplifiers in a compact, and much more affordable format. The Big Bloom produces all the smooth, endlessly sustaining tones of the legendary Dumbles, with layers of rich harmonics, musical feedback, and an uncommonly dynamic responsiveness to pick attack. At lower gain levels it's capable of subtle, transparent breakup, while higher gain settings bring on a thick saturation that gracefully blooms into sweet, controlled feedback, even at modest volumes. Switchable Jazz and Rock voicings let you choose between smooth, warm tones, or a sound with a bit more hair and aggression. The Accent knob controls presence, getting brighter as you turn the knob clockwise, while the tone control shapes the overall voice of the pedal. Wide ranging gain and volume controls offer plenty of dirt and punch for any application, making the Big Bloom a superb, do-it-all overdrive for the discerning Blues Lawyer. The Amplified Nation Big Bloom is made by hand in the USA, and features the finest components available.​​

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    http://amplifiednation.com/ This is the Big Bloom Overdrive fr...
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